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End to End Title Deed Storage Solutions

Why use Deeds Storage?

Title deeds are the collection of documents that make up the paper proof of your property ownership. There are potentially dozens of documents that could be necessary to prove you hold a good marketable title to your property. Some of these documents are public records, such as a Folio from the Property Registration Authority or a letter from a Local Authority stating that the roads are in charge. Both of these documents are available to members of the public. Other documents may be stored with State Bodies but may only be available to you or your agent, for instance, a copy of the Instrument registering you as owner. Other documents may be unique to your property and exist in paper format only.

Because all title deeds usually combine all three classes of documents, you must produce all to prove your title. This may be both expensive and time-consuming. If some or all of your title documents are misplaced or destroyed, you will be unable to sell until you recreate the title using the best proof available.

How our Deed Storage Process Works

At Deeds Storage, we address all of your needs concerning your title deeds. We first check that you have a complete set of title deeds. We do not certify or guarantee your title, but we do check that fundamentally it is in order. That completed, we prepare a schedule (list) of all of your title deeds in a structured way. We identify the core documents that are essential to making a good title. Those core deeds are highlighted in bold on your schedule.

To preserve these core deeds, we photocopy and scan. We send you a copy by post and email as part of our Deeds Storage service. We also save a copy to our IMPUTE digital archive and store the originals for you.

Benefits or our Deed Storage Service

  1. Deeds checked
  2. Deeds scheduled (listed)
  3. Copy of core deeds sent to you by post
  4. Soft copy emailed to you
  5. Soft copy stored in our INPUTE digital archive
  6. Further copies are readily available
  7. No penalty or fee for early withdrawal

How to use our Deeds Storage service

There are three options to organise the safe delivery of your title deeds to our facilities.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Deeds Storage have looked after my valuable documents for the last four years. The process was simple, 
and my house deeds were in safe hands in a few days. Getting a digital copy was also very helpful.
Peter NicholsonDublin