Irish Law Firm Title Deed Storage - Deeds Storage

Irish Law Firm Title Deed Storage

End to End Legal Company Deed Storage Solution

Why store your clients’ title deeds with us

Deeds Storage has been storing title deeds for the clients of COYNE Solicitors since 2013 and other solicitors in the greater Dublin area. Providing added value services during the onboarding process of deed storage, including the following activities:

  • Checking for basic integrity of the title
  • Scheduling the deeds
  • Arranging the core deeds at the start of the list, the title deed, followed by planning and declarations and all other documents in order
  • Scanning and copying the core deeds

After processing your clients’ deeds, we post the copy deeds in a Deeds Storage folder and email the soft copy core deeds back to your client or your company if you prefer. We store the soft copy using INPUTE archive and retrieval software for future easy retrieval.
As part of our offering to Solicitors, we have a dedicated partition in our digital archive for each law firm. The original deeds are then stored in our fireproof and waterproof secure basement.

Deeds may be sent to us by Tracked DX as we are located in the Lucan Dx host building. They can also be dropped off in person by your firm.

Benefits of Deeds Storage to your Law firm

  • Your clients’ deeds will be arranged and tidied up
  • Scheduled
  • Copied to create a hard copy back-up
  • Digitally scanned
  • Stored on our secure cloud platform

How to proceed to have your clients deeds stored with us

If you have a client interested in our deed storage service, you can direct them to complete the Deeds Storage direct debit mandate at the cost of €40.00 per annum. Alternatively, they can use the online facility on this website to apply.

If you are interested in bulk storage for a number of your clients’ deeds storage, please assess the number of title deeds you have in your deeds cabinet, and please get in touch with us as we can offer you a reduced rate for bulk deed storage. When you call or email us, please reference that you are enquiring about “Bulk Deed Storage”, and we will explain the process and price structure.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Deeds Storage have looked after my valuable documents for the last four years. The process was simple, 
and my house deeds were in safe hands in a few days. Getting a digital copy was also very helpful.
Peter NicholsonDublin